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  INFINITY INFORMATION (HK) LTD. Founded in 1997, Infinity is a Hong Kong-based software development company. To promote the cause of our computer information, the development of "Hong Kong", "Hong Kong culture" system as the goal. In its early days, we have designed and integrated with the different industries in different programs, such as procurement, trade, construction, real estate, shipping (logistics) industry, and so on.

The experience accumulated over a decade, we have chosen the logistics system forward, actively enhance the development, from early "Shippro shipping through" strengthening "Forwarder Pro", up to the direction of integration is "MyForwarder" so far "MyLogistic". With the development of the logistics industry with progress.

The company's written system software, generally applicable to the general medium / small businesses to use. Our customers a wide range, which includes shipping and freight industry, trade, procurement, catering, food wholesale, retail, accounting firms ... and so on. In order to increase customer awareness and understanding of our products, are involved in the annual exhibitions of different types of computers, to introduce and promote our latest software products and related agents.