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MyLogistic V1.0 Forwarder / Logistic System V1.0

In Logistic today, We already face to lot of Paple work and very complicated. We have to amend the same document many time to compelete one job ( such as : Transhipment , LCL , B/L Instruction etc.), MyLogistic System is design to solve these problems. Marks user easy to handle daily work and more faster.

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ChequeReady V8.0 Cheque & Envelope Printing System

System Features 
• Easy format design for multi cheque printing, easy and friendly.
• Support Chinese / English and Number printing.
• Cheque back side printing , Batch printing with timer function.
• Envelope printing and Internet URL link Option.

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E-mail Owner – Own Your Mail

E-mail Owner is an enterprise solution can solve many E-mail problems.

You can keep all e-mail with your own server at your office, Anywhere Web mail, unlimited user mailbox, 500GB Mailbox size, unlimited mail following etc. It is a low cost, easy to setup, and comprehensive service to support your e-mail service.

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Shippro Feeder

Assist Operator easy to handle paper work, reduce workload.
Specifically for the management analysis reports.
Make better grasp of business information flexibly and efficiently.
**EDI electronic lodgement to china included.

BusinessPro Accounting System

Especially design for service industries, multi numbering control make report clear and nice. Billing system with auto posting function, no more duplicate entry. Fit for Hong Kong's tax system.

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Specifically invoicing software designed for the food wholesalers and small-parts supplier. Suitable for a large number documents every day. Start of ordering, Stock-in warehousing, partly delivery and invoice also included.
Single tools for emergency amend order, delivery schedule re-arranges.
Network Maintenance Service
Services that can be included: Administering local and wide area networks, Monitoring and optimising network resources (network traffic, storage use, deployment of peripherals, etc.)...